Please read the following before making a reservation:

1.The application for this plan is considered at the time of invoice issuance. Payment must be made via bank transfer within 7 days.

2.For outfits, you may select a specified number of dresses in advance and make the final decision on the day after viewing the actual items. If you wish to try on the dresses in advance or have a preliminary consultation about beauty services, an additional fee will be charged.

3.If any damage occurs to the exhibited works or other items within the venue, you may be required to purchase the damaged items.

4.In the event of loss, damage, or significant soiling (stains, dirt, or odors that cannot be removed by cleaning, or water damage) to the rented outfits, you may be charged for repair costs, replacement costs with an equivalent item, etc., at your expense.

5.While we strive to maintain the items in as pristine condition as possible, please understand that slight damage or dirt that does not affect wearability is to be expected with rental items.

6.Cancellation fees after booking are as follows:
From the contract date… 20%, From 14 days prior… 30%, From 8 days prior… 50%, From 3 days prior… 100%

7.If you need to postpone your usage date, please contact us immediately. We will hold your reservation until the new date without charging a cancellation fee, provided that the new date is available. For cancellations after postponement, a minimum cancellation fee of 30% will apply.

8.If you are late for the meeting time, an additional fee of 10,000 yen per 30 minutes will be charged. Please do not be late for the meeting. Maximum waiting time is 1 hour (20,000 yen additional). After that time, it will be considered as abandonment and the staff will withdraw. Please note that refunds are not available.