About the location of the photo shoot


The photo shoot location for our plan, “Kurage ga kumo ni naru hi,” utilizes an old Kanazawa house and has been granted special permission for photography exclusively for our plan. This venue, where traditional Japanese architecture and Kanazawa’s traditional crafts remain, is also sprinkled with works by young artists Kanazawa is proud of, making it a fantastic place where the old and the new coexist.

While only a fraction, we will introduce some historically valuable items and works by artists.

The building used as the photo shoot location was constructed in the mid-Meiji period(1868-1912). The earthen wall at the front has been preserved as it was since the late Edo period(1603-1868).

The round lighting in the store is installed to evoke the image of jellyfish floating, inspired by the name of the shop.

The modern Buddhist altar doors are the work of the dyeing artist Narumi Sakano.

The glass in the sliding doors dates back to the Edo period. It is now a rare and valuable glass that is no longer available(1603-1868).

New benches and side tables by FREY Design have been placed.

The interior glass doors and sliding screens are also made by FREY Design.

At the entrance of the store is a large demon tile. Underneath it hangs a talisman. The entrance to the store is in the direction of the demon’s gate, so it is said that this is to ward off the demon.

In addition, there are many other quaint spots such as the front door, a lattice door, and a passageway.